Magazine Instant Win

Click on the site name to be taken to the Buster’s Comps page for the site, there you will be able to learn more about the competition site and leave a comment or feedback, I love to hear about your wins!

Click on’Visit Site’ to go straight to the competition website; it will open in a new window.

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The Low-Down

Instant win magazine competitions can be entered everyday and a great range of prizes are up for grabs. They require you to log-in, choose three numbers (most sites offer a ‘Lucky Dip’) and match the winning combination. Usually you are presented with an offers page, which asks you to opt in or out of these offers before confirming your entry.  The prizes available are often shared across the sites listed.

Because of the volume of available competitions and prizes, I recommend only entering the ones that you really want to win. There is usually a restriction of 25 daily entries per site, so it’s worth going through the pages to find the ones you really want to win.  Some prizes offer a cash alternative.

KEYBOARD TIP: Hold CTRL down on your keyboard then click ‘Visit Site’ to quickly open each link in new windows, this works for most major browsers. You can also use this keyboard tip on the competition site; Do the same to open the entry page for each competition you wish to enter, this allows the other pages to load while you enter the first competition, ideal if you have a slower internet connection!

SPEED TIP: After you have entered a opted in or out of a few offers you will find that the offers page only asks you to confirm your entry, then reveals the winning combination.  If speed is important to you, seize the opportunity and make sure you enter your full allowance of 25 daily competitions.

SPEED TIP: Be careful if you don’t wish to opt in to any of the offers.  Some of the offers will autofill your phone number and may cost you money if you opt in.  Read each advert.  You’ll soon recognise familiar ads and know where/what to click to quickly opt in or out.  Some of the offers may be of interest, many probably not, but bear in mind that the prizes may well be provided by commissions made from sign-ups, so don’t instantly rule them all out, you never know, you may find some of them applicable to you.

Won a prize from a magazine instant win competition?  Know of a site we haven’t mentioned Tell us about it in the comments!