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Competition Sites

Click on the site name to be taken to the Buster’s Comps page for the site, there you will be able to learn more about the competition site and leave a comment or feedback, I love to hear about your wins!

Click on ‘Visit Site’ to go straight to the competition website; it will open in a new window.

Check out our HOT CLICK-TO-WINS for our pick of the best current competitions!

Daily Click-to-Win Comp Sites

Absolute Radio Visit Site
Bella Magazine Visit Site
Bike Magazine Visit Site
Bird Watching Visit Site
Car Magazine Visit Site
Car Mechanics Visit Site
CFM Radio Visit Site
City Talk Visit Site
Classic Bike Visit Site
Classic Car Giveaways Visit Site
Closer Visit Site
Clyde 1 Visit Site
Clyde 2 Visit Site
Clyde 3 Visit Site
Cool FM Visit Site
Downtown Radio Visit Site
Eat In Magazine Visit Site
Empire Visit Site
Fate & Fortune Visit Site
Forth 1 Visit Site
Forth 2 Visit Site
Forth 3 Visit Site
Garden Answers Visit Site
Garden News Visit Site
Go Fishing Visit Site
Grazia Visit Site
Hallam FM Visit Site
Hallam 2 Visit Site
Hallam 3 Visit Site
Heatworld Visit Site
Horse Deals Visit Site
In Demand Visit Site
Kerrang Visit Site
Kerrang Radio Visit Site
Key 103 Visit Site
Key Radio 2 Visit Site
Key Radio 3 Visit Site
Kiss FM Visit Site
Landrover Owner International Visit Site
Landscape Magazine Visit Site
Live For The Outdoors Visit Site
Magic Visit Site
Match Visit Site
Metro Radio Visit Site
Metro Radio 2 Visit Site
Metro Radio 3 Visit Site
MFR Visit Site
MFR 2 Visit Site
MFR 3 Visit Site
Model Rail Visit Site
Mojo Visit Site
Mother and Baby Visit Site
Motorcycle News Visit Site
Northsound 1 Visit Site
Northsound 2 Visit Site
Parkers Visit Site
Performance Bikes Visit Site
Pets & Prizes Visit Site
Photo Answers Visit Site
Planet Rock Visit Site
Practical Fishkeeping Visit Site
Practical Sportsbikes Visit Site
Q The Music Visit Site
Radio Aire Visit Site
Radio Aire 2 Visit Site
Radio Aire 3 Visit Site
Radio Borders Visit Site
Radio City Visit Site
Radio City 2 Visit Site
Radio City 3 Visit Site
RecipesPlus Visit Site
Ride Visit Site
Rock FM Visit Site
Rock FM 2 Visit Site
Rock FM 3 Visit Site
Steam Railway Visit Site
Take a Break Visit Site
Tay FM Visit Site
Tay 2 Visit Site
Tay 3 Visit Site
TFM Radio Visit Site
TFM 2 Visit Site
TFM 3 Visit Site
That’s Life Visit Site
The Debrief Visit Site
The Hits Radio Visit Site
Today’s Golfer Visit Site
Top Sante Visit Site
Trail Running Mag Visit Site
TV Choice Visit Site
Viking FM Visit Site
Viking 2 Visit Site
Viking 3 Visit Site
Wave 105 Visit Site
West FM Visit Site
West Sound Visit Site
West Sound Radio Visit Site
Win Christmas Visit Site
Win Something Visit Site
Win Summer (Closed until Summer 2016) Visit Site
Wonderpedia Visit Site
Your Horse Visit Site
Yours Visit Site

The Low-Down

Click-to-Win competitions are simple comps where you need only enter your email address, and more often than not, a CAPTCHA or short survey (usually less than six questions long). These daily Click-to-Win competitions are a great way to try and win a wide variety of different prizes. They are very quick to enter and are ideal if you have a spare cheeky 5 minutes that you want to fill comping.

Because of the volume of available competitions and prizes, I recommend only entering the ones that you really want to win. It takes a lot of typing of CAPTCHAs to enter all of these.

KEYBOARD TIP: Hold CTRL down on your keyboard then click ‘Visit Site’ to quickly open each link in new windows, this works for most major browsers. You can also use this keyboard tip on the competition site; Do the same to open the entry page for each competition you wish to enter, this allows the other pages to load while you enter the first competition, ideal if you have a slower internet connection!

SPEED TIP: Occasionally some of the sites don’t ask for a CAPTCHA, it’s worth taking advantage of this by entering all the competitions you want to win on the site when this occurs.

SPEED TIP: Sometimes the CAPTCHAs presented are consistently very tricky. If you notice that you seem to be getting extremely difficult CAPTCHAs one after another this is usually because the CAPTCHA algorithm has increased the difficulty, probably because of a large influx of entries in a short period of time.  Because of the large number of other Click-To-Win competition sites it’s worth moving on to another site instead of wasting time struggling over difficult CAPTCHAs.  If you notice that your entry speed is down, consider switching sites.

CLAIM TIP: Only one attempt by email is made to contact winners, you must respond within 5 days otherwise the prize will be forfeited – you are advised to visit each one of my pages that details the competition and add to your contacts or ‘approved senders’ list the email address displayed that the site will use to contact you. I have also put all published email addresses into a handy filter which you can download and import into Gmail, this will help avoid any missed winners notifications.  It is however good practice to periodically check your spam or junk folders for wayward emails, do exercise caution though as you will most definitely have fake or phishing emails in there, if in doubt don’t open or respond.  Also be wary of any attachments; make sure you ALWAYS have a decent anti-virus software installed and running.

Won a prize from a Click-To-Win competition?  Know of a site we haven’t mentioned Tell us about it in the comments!