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Photo of Buster of Buster's Comps
The Boss

Buster is the brain behind Buster’s Comps. After becoming frustrated about not being able to find the right type of competitions, then not being able to find enough good ones, then realising he’s a dog so he’s not eligible to enter most of them, he created this site.

Typical of a Pollicle, he’s often described as a ‘dour Yorkshire tyke’, though he’s lightened up as he’s become older.

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Photo of Mark of Buster's Comps
Assistant to the Boss

Mark tells people he’s the Assistant Boss, truth is he makes the teas, organises Buster’s diary and provides finer dexterity when Buster’s paws are too big for the job. He cobbled together this site for Buster after loosing to him in a game of pool, for which he has a passion but few of the skills (this goes for pool and web design).

Mark is very, very particular on how he likes his tea.

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Think you’ve got what it takes to be not quite as bad at business and life as Buster and Mark, then apply for a job doing whatever you say you can do. It doesn’t pay money but you may get glory, fame, unwanted competition prizes and exceptionally well made cups of tea.

Detail your skills, agree to be paid in nothing but thanks and empty promises and apply below.

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About The Site

Buster’s Comps attempts to catalogue as many daily entry competitions as possible. We provide links to some of the best daily competitions on the internet, we also occasionally post about other competitions that we like. We are usually happy to speak to the media and are available for public speaking, presentations and comping chat if you throw a few snacks quid our way, just contact us through social media or message us through one of the forms.

Between us we have won many competitions in our time; from cash, weekends away, holidays abroad, ice cream, gadgets and beer; to name but a few. We also post tips and advice about getting the most out of your comping. We love the comping community and this is our way of giving back. So get involved, apply for some of the listed competitions and tell us about any prizes you win!

This site is financed by donations, ad revenue and commissions from affiliate marketing, all profits are put back into the site. Feel free to donate or check out some of the adverts if you see anything interesting. Your support keeps this site going!

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